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Got a green strategy yet? Top pitfalls to avoid

There are many different ways for an organisation to reduce its carbon footprint and ‘go green.’ However, few solutions will deliver the hoped-for results if you haven’t done your homework, read the fine print and put in place the foundations necessary to leverage your


How can operators prepare for the global phenomenon of M2M?

The idea of everyday devices becoming smart once conjured up visions of sci-fi fantasy. One popular concept became a reality as far back as 1999, when the first interactive fridge that alerted owners to items that needed replacing was prototyped in Sweden. But with the recent explosion of smart


Learning Mobile Charging from Emerging Markets

When we think of emerging markets, we often tend to think they are behind the times, busy playing catch-up with developed nations. While this may in fact be the case for traditional fixed telecoms infrastructure, it is certainly not true for today’s extensive mobile networks. In fact, when it


SMS on the wane? Let’s not go over-the-top.

With the advent of smartphones, an interesting dynamic is playing out between SMS and OTT across the telecoms industry. In developed markets, operators are unhappy about the growing dominance of smartphone-based services, but it’s a very different story in emerging markets.

MegaFon becomes a Telefonica Partner

International heavyweight telecom providers Telefónica and MegaFon have agreed a new strategic partnership that will see the Russian group join Telefónica’s Partners Programme...

Differentiating networks with software

For most of the telecom industry’s history, hardware has been the focus, while software has not been widely recognised as a centre of value. However, this perception is now beginning to shift among customers in the market at large...

Global vendors form OSS alliance

Three of the world’s largest telecoms equipment vendors – Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) – have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to for the “OSS interoperability initiative” (OSSii)...

Why did Big Data get so big?

There is a huge expectation among operators in emerging markets that smartphone penetration will increase fairly rapidly over the next three to five years. Operators want to be at the forefront of this and are therefore investing heavily to ensure that they not only have the best networks


What Distinguishes a Successful OTT Network?

More and more people worldwide have access to high-speed Internet and devices capable of streaming videos; mobile phones have made it possible for consumers to access content wherever they go. With OTT streaming more popular than ever, the market is competitive...

Making the switch to Mobile Data

Internet enabled devices are becoming more and more popular in all markets, but not all operators are seeing cellular data usage or revenues rise in line with this growth. Feature phones hide rarely used web technology, and smartphones are often used over WiFi networks only. As competition


2013 Trends: Summary

Developing Telecoms annual survey of telecom trends in emerging markets is now complete. We contacted senior executives at over 700 companies - vendors, network operators and mobile service providers - known to be active in emerging markets.

So what are the top telecoms