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Mediterranean’s first 40G cable network launches

The first cable network to provide service to North Africa using 40G technology has gone live. The TE-NORTH cable system, which spans 3600km, connects Egypt to France with a branch to Cyprus, and features other branching units for further expansions in the Mediterranean basin.

Launched by Alcatel-Lucent in conjunction with Telecom Egypt, the system’s 40G technology essentially doubles the original design capacity of the system from 10 Terabits per second to over 20 Terabits per second (Tb/s), equivalent to the transfer of over 32,000 HD movies in 60 seconds.

To implement the upgrade, Alcatel-Lucent used the latest 1620 Light Manager product which was subsequently upgraded to 40G. By boosting connectivity across the Mediterranean basin, the 40G technology enables Telecom Egypt to serve global operators whose international services transit Egypt and rely on Egypt to hub the services in the Middle East, Asia and Africa region.

Telecom Egypt CEO Mohamed Abdelrehim said: “TE-NORTH, with its recent 40G upgrades across the Mediterranean, will enhance the Egyptian user experience as more and more Egyptians celebrate their freedom and humanity online.”

“Western peering points meet newer Eastern peering points in Egypt. TE North upgrade presents an enhanced cost point, sheer capacity levels and more resilience which presents the IP cloud with another reason for Egypt being a natural centre for global IP peering and transit” said Mohamed Elnawawy SVP at TE.

“Mixing our advanced 40G coherent technology with existing 10G channels enables operators like Telecom Egypt to best serve their customers and the end-users in the region with adequate speed and bandwidth to experience broadband multimedia services such as video with the highest quality,” said Philippe Dumont, President of Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks SAS.

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